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P&C Committee Details

The P&C Committee consists of five Executive positions, the Canteen Manager, the Fundraising Coordinator, the Canteen Secretary, and an unlimited number of committee members. Members of the P&C are also asked to act as representatives on various school management committees. To be able to nominate for positions on the P&C Committee, and to vote at meetings, members MUST be financial. Membership to the P&C is $2 a year, and is payable to the Treasurer. The school Principal is an ex-officio member of the P&C (no voting rights).

The committee will be elected by a vote of financial members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) from nominations received. Subcommittees are formed as needed from members of the P&C for Canteen management and various fundraising events.

Office bearers and members of the NNPS P&C  are:

Executive Committee:  
President: Mr Tim Nottle  
Vice-President: Mrs Pattama Hewlett  
Vice President: Mr Mark Lambert  
Secretary: Sharon Molloy  
Treasurer: Mr Gary Wells  
Committee Members:  
Canteen Manager / Convenor: Mrs Pattama Hewlett  
Canteen Sub-Committee Secretary  
Canteen Sub-Committee

Fundraising Coordinator: Mr Carl Hewlett  
School Committee Representatives:  
Finance Committee  
Merit Selection Committee  
Out of Zone Committee  
Self Evaluation Committee  
Policy Development and Review Committee