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About our school

School vision statement

At North Nowra Public School, we empower students to develop sustainable learning habits. Our school community supports a safe, respectful and responsible school culture to allow all school community members to be a learner. We ensure that individual growth in learning and wellbeing is the focus of every student every day.

School context

During the 2021-2024 School Plan, North Nowra Public School has an enrolment of 183 students, including 60 Aboriginal students (31%). The school comprises seven mainstream and three support classes committed to providing excellent education in a safe and positive environment that fosters the overall development of each child.

Creating a sense of belonging is a priority through implementing the North Nowra Way, ensuring all learning community members feel connected. The school values community and maintains a strong partnership with the Nowra Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG), bringing the Partnership Agreement between the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc and the NSW Department of Education 2020-2030 to life.

With an evidence-based approach, North Nowra Public School emphasises explicit teaching and visible learning strategies. In addition, collaborative efforts within our network of schools enhance teaching, learning, and leadership, promoting the sharing of resources, expertise, and best practices.

Continuous professional learning is emphasised to cultivate excellent teachers who work as a team to drive positive change and improve student outcomes. The staff diligently gather relevant and timely data to inform instruction, addressing each student's specific needs for academic, social, and emotional growth.

Based on our Situational Analysis, we have identified key areas for improvement. Assessment practices will be further developed across the school alongside enhanced systems for monitoring and reviewing the curriculum to meet evolving student needs. We use relevant and accurate data to inform targeted interventions and learning, providing a comprehensive view of each student's academic progress.

A whole school wellbeing approach will be developed, incorporating transparent processes to support students with additional needs. Teachers will engage in professional learning to effectively respond to students' high wellbeing needs using research-based methods. Internal data collection, including the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) surveys, will inform targeted approaches for improving wellbeing and behaviour, ensuring every student feels known, valued, and cared for.

The What Works Best research will guide evidence-based teaching practices across all classrooms, from Kindergarten to Year 6. Teachers will establish systems to evaluate the effectiveness of their instructional methods, with a particular focus on developing formative assessment and feedback skills, empowering students to become their own teachers.

In alignment with our collaborative community of schools, we will continue to enhance teaching, learning, and leadership by sharing resources, expertise, and practices. Our strong partnerships with the Nowra Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (NLAECG) will further strengthen the implementation of the Partnership Agreement between the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc and the NSW Department of Education 2020-2030.

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