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Playground Policy

Playground Policy and Procedures

The members of North Nowra Public School community will adopt a responsible attitude toward playground behaviour, which reflects the needs of the students and ensures a safe and protective environment for students, staff and community members to work and play in. The staff have worked together to plan a whole school approach to support student well-being and discipline.


By adopting this approach, we will aim to ensure:

  • a code of behaviour which is accepted;
  • a safe environment for all;
  • that a high standard of student wellbeing is attained;
  • that the school values are
    • Be a Learner
    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible

The values will be achieved through:

  • All teachers’ commitment to and consistency in the following practices and procedures as outlined below
  • Students receiving positive feedback when demonstrating appropriate behaviour
  • Effective data collection
  • Effective learning and support adjustments

North Nowra Public School Playground Policy (PDF 227KB)