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Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy

The School Uniform policy has been developed in accordance with the Department of Education School Uniform Policy.

The School Uniform Policy was developed after consultation between students, parents and staff. This policy is strongly endorsed by the North Nowra Public School P&C Association.

The North Nowra Public School P&C Association voted on and changed the school uniform at a Special General Meeting on Tuesday 15th September 2015 (An amendment to the policy was passed at a meeting of the P & C Association on 16 August 2016 regarding wearing of Representative Sport Jumpers). The North Nowra Public School Principal has accepted the recommendation. The new school uniform (as of 15/09/15) will be mandatory as of Term 1, 2019.

School Uniform Items – Mandatory from Term 1, 2021 (Gender Neutral Uniform)


  • Short sleeve polo shirt with school logo* 
  • Long sleeve polo shirt with school logo*
  • Navy polar fleece jumper with the school logo*
  • Navy blue sweatshirt


  • Navy blue slacks*
  • Navy blue school shorts*

Other Items

  • Socks (white, grey, blue or black)
  • Black shoes (Mon to Thur)
  • Navy blue hat – wide brim or bucket

Sport Uniform (Friday only)

  • Sports shirt*
  • Navy blue school shorts*
  • Navy blue tracksuit pants
  • Sports shoes

* are available from the School Office.

Items Not Part of School Uniform

  • Summer dress
  • Culottes/Skorts/Leggins/Jodhpurs/Tights
  • Navy blue bike shorts
  • Winter tunic with skivvy and tights
  • Grey pants and shorts
  • Blue skivvies
  • Dresses, skirts or skorts

NB: School staff should be contacted to request an exemption from the uniform and provide evidence to support the following grounds/reason for not wearing the agreed school uniform that may include: race, ethnic-religion, sex, pregnancy, disability, age, homosexuality, transgender status, carer responsibilities and economic. Through consultation, an alternative option will be found, or a long-term exemption may be provided on a needs basis.

North Nowra Public School Uniform Policy