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Defence School Transition Aide

North Nowra Public School is situated in the heart of North Nowra and is surrounded by beautiful bushland. With a student population of around 200, it is a friendly and welcoming school environment.

At North Nowra Public School we are aware of the unique challenges and needs of Australian Defence Force (ADF) families due to their mobile lifestyle and long parental absences due to deployment and training. To better support these students and families the school has secured funding through the Department of Defence to provide the Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA) program. 

The DSTA's role is to support families and students as they transition from one location to another, face the challenges of parental absence, and to refer families to the varied entitlements and services available through the ADF. As part of the DSTA role, students are supported through various welcome and farewelling strategies, during parental absence, and with integration challenges.

The DSTA can advocate for the student's and family's needs within the school and the wider community, and refer to local Defence and civilian support services. Student support may occur individually, in small groups or within the classroom in consultation with the classroom teacher and the family.

For enquiries please contact the school on (02) 4422 7045

Currently, North Nowra Public School does not have an assigned Defence School Transition Aide. The school is able to support students via the use of a DSTA from a neighbouring school. It is hoped that a DSTA will be assigned to the school in the near future.

Helpful contacts:

Defence Family Helpline – 1800 624 608

NSW REDLO Ken Welsh – (02) 9393 3316

National Welfare Coordination Centre:

Defence Community Organisation (DCO), for local events and support:

Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) – 1800 011 046;